Fleet Transition.

At Nevo Advisory, we specialise in helping your company transition your current fleet to electric.

This may not happen today or tomorrow, but we can give you the advice and data to help you make an educated decision when the time is right. There are many reasons to transition to electric vehicles. It may be for environmental or CSR reasons, or you may want to reduce your fleet’s tailpipe emissions which will have a positive effect on your organisations carbon footprint.


It may also be because you can see the cost benefit of electric vehicles or TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). The cost to service an electric vehicle is less than traditional internal combustion engines due to less moving parts. The running costs associated with EVs (electric vehicles) are also less if managed correctly. We can also provide you with advice on how to manage these running costs. Check out our charging section here.

EU regulations and the availability of right-hand drive vehicles will also play a factor in transitioning your fleet of vehicles to electric. Our extensive knowledge of the electric vehicle landscape makes us the perfect advisory partner to help you select the correct EV based on the individual driving behaviors and requirements across the business. You can see a full list of EV’s both company cars and LCV (light commercial vehicles).

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